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Interview with Zen Garcia on Revolution Radio about the Lost Biblical Calendar.

Here's an example of a Lunar based biblical month. Whether you agree or not at least you can get a visual idea of what is trying to be represented.

Lunar CalendarThe Bibical Month

This quick study proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the bible used a lunar based year that used a 13th month when needed.

The 13th MonthEzekiel's 430 Days

When does the bible say that the calendar day beings? Is it with the sunset as commonly believed or is it with the sunrise? Lets go to the scriptures to find out!

The Day Begins At...You'll Be Surprised!

When does the bible say that the calendar month beings? Does the "new moon" begin with the conjunction (no visible moon) as currently taught in the secular world or does it begin with the first visible crescent? Lets go to the scriptures to find out!

The Month Begins At...Void Or Crescent?

What day of the month is new moon day? Is it day 1 as common sense dictates? What day of the week is new moon day? Is it the 1st day of the week? Lets go to the scriptures to find out!

Day Of The Week/MonthCount To The Sabbath

How did the biblical Israelites reckon the new year? Was it by using agriculture and the moon or was it by using math, astronomy and the sun? Let's go to the scriptures to find out!

Determine The New YearSolar Or Agricultural?

Is the Sabbath supposed to be held on the same exact day of the week, on our current Gregorian calendar, such as every Saturday continually forever? Or is there a more accurate way to determine the Sabbath? Let's read what the bible has to say.

Sabbath On SaturdayRight Or Wrong?

How long is the Sabbath? Is it held for 24 hours in the bible or is it held only in the daylight hours? Let's read what the scriptures say about this subject.

The Length Of The SabbathDaylight Or 24hrs?

This quick study shows how the Sign Of Jonah (3 Days and 3 Nights) and the 12 times ON the 3rd day is mentioned is not a contradiction. Let's find out how they harmonize and fit in with the other studies by going to the scriptures.

The Sign Of JonahVs On The 3rd Day

This quick study shows how the Exodus events from the 14th until the 16th of Aviv, and the Passover until the Firstfruits of Passion week, sync up perfectly to the day and even to the hour. Let's go to the bible to support our positions.

Exodus And The PassionIt Works Perfectly!

How do we count to Pentecost/Shavuot? Traditionally this event is thought to be originally seen in Exodus 19. Are similar events that were fulfilled in Acts 1 and 2 seen in Exodus 19 or are they seen elsewhere suggesting an alternative date? Let's find out.

Pentecost ShavuotOur Timing Is Wrong!

So, about this "tongues" thing... what is it? Is the charismatic version biblical or is 1Corinthians 14 speaking about something else all together? Is it really a "heavenly" language? We'll look at every single verse in 1Cor 14 and see for ourselves exactly what Paul is teaching.

Is TONGUES Biblical?Charismatic Or Not?

Do the scriptures support an ever moving heliocentric universe full of planet killing dangers or does the Word of God support a protected, stationary plain? Is there a firm structure above us making this an enclosed system, or can rockets blast into outer space? Are we special or not? Let's find out.

Flat Earth... Yes/No?Let's Go To The Bible